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The Online Learning Platform allows IFLA members to:

  • Download high-quality training materials and case studies
  • Participate in online learning activities and discussions
  • Contribute their stories of how they have used the programme

Combined with the availability of this content through the online learning platform, this is a significant resource for all of IFLA’s members.

Access the online learning platform

Who should register?

All IFLA members are invited to register to access the materials as they cover a broad range of topics, including strategic planning, partnerships and advocacy. 

Registering to access the materials is simple – please complete the short form and you will be have access to download the materials. Registration is free for members, and provides you with access to the most up to date materials, and access to discussions with other users of the site.

How may the materials be used?

  • For use within your association, for example, at a board meeting or seminar
  • To run an independent workshop
  • As part of an IFLA funded project, for example Building Strong Library Associations country projects, or ALP small projects
  • For your own learning

IFLA is interested to know how you make use of the materials on this site – please share your story of how you have used the materials with us by contacting: webmaster@ifla.org.

What materials are available?

IFLA is making available materials for the Building Strong Library Associations programme through the online learning platform. Content is currently available in English, Español, Français, and other languages.

Each module contains a series of topics, learning objectives, case studies, and opportunities for self-assessment.

  • Module 1: Library Associations in Society: An overview
  • Module 2: Building Your Library Association
  • Module 3: Sustaining your Library Association
  • Module 4: Developing Strategic Relationships: Partnerships and Fundraising
  • Module 5: Libraries on the Agenda
  • Module 6: Library Statistics for Advocacy
  • Module 8: Train the Trainer

Because of IFLA’s international nature, our members – and those using our materials –come from cultures with different learning styles and expectations, different training needs, and different requirements for sustainability. To accommodate this, the materials are as open as possible, rather than prescriptive. Customisation of content due to differing needs is expected.

Library associations can also request delivery of learning materials via removable media (for example, USB stick) for those with limited access to the Internet. Please contact webmaster@ifla.org for more information.

How is each module structured?

  • Learning Objectives: a clear list of what learners will achieve in each module and topic
  • Meeting Point: an online discussion thread
  • Topics: sections within each module. They can be followed sequentially through a topic, or in any order
  • Supporting materials: Annexes and case studies provide templates and examples for associations

How should I follow the materials?

  • Follow the content on a set-schedule along with other participants (for example, as in BSLA country projects)
  • Self-study with no schedule
  • Self-designed schedule, where the participant can choose selected topics of relevance to them

Who can I contact for help, or more information?

If you need help with registering, downloading materials, or using the site, please contact webmaster@ifla.org

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Last update: 5 November 2014