About Relindial


Relindial is an acronym for "Religions: Libraries and Dialogue", a Special Interest Group dedicated to libraries serving as places of dialogue between cultures through a better knowledge of religions. Relindial is hosted by the Social Science Libraries section.

Since when?

The idea of Relindial was born following the meeting, at the IFLA Congress (2009), between Silvano Danieli and Odile Dupont. The group was officially created in April 2012 and held its first meeting in Helsinki, in August 2012. Since then, Relindial has always been present at IFLA Congresses, organising sessions and satellite meetings.


As a SIG, Relindial has no members, unlike the sections. It does, however, have many supporters who regularly participate in the group's activities. Libraries likely to follow Relindial are not only Libraries specialising in religion (theology libraries, religious science libraries) but also libraries with specialised collections on religious issues, (history, theology, anthropology, etc.) or faced with questions involving religious aspects. Associations of Libraries are also very welcome. Relindial is directed by its Convenor, Donatus Duesterhaus. He is assisted by Odile Dupont, former Convenor, and Fabien Vandermarcq, Communication Officer.


Relindial has supporters in every Continent.

Which activities?

Relindial has developed the Relindial Cartonera Project, a collaborative effort whose objective is to help people of different origins to work together and to better know each other. Through its publications, Relindial helps colleagues to develop their skills through feedback shared by librarians from around the world. Thanks to the IDEO's Library work, in Cairo, tools are developed to serve the classical Arabic-Muslim culture through the development of FRBR cataloguing.

This is not over and many activities may be developed in the Future (Semantic Web, Conservation of older documents useful for religious searches, Knowledge about religions, Religious patrimony, Digitized resources, etc.).

Why support Relindial?

Libraries are places of dialogue, openness, tolerance and offer food for thought. Religious libraries or libraries with religious interests often host documents to preserve them from the harshness of times. Within IFLA, the international association of librarians, some libraries that house religious collections – whatever the religion represented – have a common place in order to: share their experiences, make the world aware of the messages of peace of their collections, give better access to the tools designed to help people learn about the religious roots of culture It is very simple: just send an email address and you will be informed of Relindial's activities

Religions: Libraries and Dialogue

Last update: 10 June 2021