About the Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Section


The consideration of the role of humanity in climate change and the notion of sustainable development are core concerns of society, and consequently of libraries.

The IFLA Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Section's (ENSULIB) aim is to encourage librarians to inspire their communities into more environmentally sustainable way of action by providing materials on green librarianship, giving voice to green librarians and library projects worldwide, leading by example, and offering a discussion forum.


This Section’s mission is to address:

  • Consider effects of climate change on libraries (e.g. modify conditions of storage and preservation, calculate financial and managerial costs).
  • Apply environment-friendly practices in libraries (e.g. recover rainwater, insulate buildings, use renewable energy, install print control, recycle and repurpose materials).
  • Recommend environmental practices for the profession (e.g. recycle outdated documents, use biodegradable materials, etc.).
  • Increase and promote sustainability-related library resources, services and programming (e.g. develop collections with environmental themes, offer local-oriented exhibitions.)
  • Increase librarians’ own awareness of environmental concerns.

Get involved with ENSULIB!

Being active with ENSULIB carries many benefits for green and sustainable libraries, including: expanding your professional network, getting introduced to the green library network on an international level, and staying informed about sustainability issues important to both you as a green librarian and the green library field at large.

We’re always looking for volunteers to assist with our projects and events! If you’d like to gain experience with any of the following areas:

Welcome aboard!

The ENSULIB Interim Leadership Team, January–August 2021

  • Harri Sahavirta, Finland (Chair)
  • Petra Hauke, Germany (Secretary)
  • Farasat Shafi Ullah, New Zealand (Information Coordinator)
  • Priscilla Pun, Macao, China (web-editor)

Let’s talk!

It is important for us to stay connected. Contact us at ensulib123@gmail.com.

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Environment, Sustainability and Libraries

Last update: 2 March 2021