About the Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section

The Section is currently led by Gillian Hallam and Ulrike Lang as Co-Chairs, Heba Ismail as Secretary, and Ray Pun as Information Coordinator.

The CPDWL Section embraces all aspects of professional development and learning in the workplace in the period post-qualification to the end of a career.

New developments and trends in information and communication technology, higher expectations of users, requirements of employers and managers of libraries and information service organisations and competition from information professionals in the broader information industry emphasize the imperative for associations and institutions to be 'learning organisations' and develop their staff by providing opportunities for continuing professional development and training in the workplace; and for individuals to be responsible for their own career planning and development.

Our membership engages institutions, organisations and individuals in a community of practice which supports practical and research-related activities within our area of subject expertise. The Section also brings together those who are interested in and responsible for the quality improvement of systems for delivering continuing professional development and workplace learning programs.

CPDWL has been a Section since August 2002. It was previously called: Continuing Professional Education Round Table - CPERT.

Marketing and Communications

CPDWL's Marketing and Communications Plan provides a roadmap for the Section in informing key stakeholders about significant issues and developments related to our work.


In August 2018, CPDWL was proud to have been named by the Professional Committee as the winner of the inaugural IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award.

The award, presented at the closing ceremony of the WLIC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was accepted by Catharina Isberg, current Secretary of the Standing Committee and former Co-Chair and Information Coordinator.

CPDWL also received a special mention in the 2020 Dynamic Unit and Impact Award. IFLA acknowledged the quality of the work undertaken by the Standing Committee:

The jury recognised the CPDWL Section for its strong and active committee, who have shown excellent planning, a clear and effective communication strategy, including an active social media presence and dynamic virtual events. Their Unit’s focus on building a diverse membership and network of partnerships, provides excellence in continuing professional development and workplace learning. CPDWL offers an active international forum and network for the promotion of professional growth, and is the global voice for CPD and workplace learning, successfully reaching and supporting multiple global audiences: SC members, section members, the wider IFLA community and LIS professionals.

CPDWL Webinars

Since 2014, the CPDWL section has collaborated with the IFLA New Professionals SIG (NPSIG) and the American Library Association (ALA) to run a series of free webinars

Staying in touch with CPDWL

Social Media Channels

Facebook: The CPDWL Facebook page is a great way to stay connected. We welcome new members, so please don't hesitate to join our community!

Twitter: @IFLACPDWL is active on Twitter and engages in Twitter chats called #CPDWLChats from time to time. Follow us!

Instagram: @IFLA_CPDWL is active on Instagram, and we post and highlight resources to the information community. We also do IG Live Chats and Stories. 

Mailing list

The Section's mailing list - CPDWL - on the IFLA email platform provides a forum for Standing Committee members to discuss issues relating to continuing professional development & workplace learning in the library and information professions. Please note that this mailing list is restricted to members of the Standing Committee.

Standing Committee members: to subscribe, please go to the web interface

CPDWL Archive (2009)

IFLA CPDWL Consultants

Mary L. Chute
Retired State Librarian
New Jersey State Library
United States

Email: mc0020@yahoo.com

Monica Mooney Ertel
Director, Global Information Services
Bain & Company
United States
Email: monicaertel@gmail.com

Matilde Fontanin
PhD student at University La Sapienza - Rome
Email: mfontanin@units.it

Catharina Isberg
Library Director
Helsingborg City Libraries, Sweden

Email: catharina.isberg@helsingborg.se

Loida Garcia-Febo

Information New Wave
United States
Email: loidagarciafebo@gmail.com

Anne Lehto
Tritonia Academic Library
Email: anne.lehto@tritonia.fi

Mary-Jo Romaniuk
Vice-Provost (Libraries and Cultural Resources)
University of Calgary
Email: maryjo.romaniuk@ucalgary.ca

Jana Varlejs, PhD
Professor Emerita
School of Communication & Information
Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey
United States

Email: varlejs@rutgers.edu

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning

Last update: 1 June 2021