Impact Report 2012: Building Strong Library Associations programme

Library associations are key institutions in the library and information sector around the world. Library associations are advocates for equitable access to information, and help to build strong, sustainable library communities by improving services for library users, and supporting development of the profession. The IFLA Building Strong Library Associations Programme, launched in 2010, offers a strategic and coordinated approach to capacity building and sustainability of library associations. This report highlights the first six country projects undertaken between 2010 and 2012.

Strong library associations support and enrich society and the library and information profession. They unite a country’s library community around a common platform for advocacy and development of the profession.
Building Strong Library Associations Impact Report 2012

BSLA builds capacity by facilitating experience sharing within regions, strengthening library leaders in-country, and developing locally relevant solutions. Through cascade workshops and outreach, the programme has had an impact across countries and regions.

Programme activities include training and mentoring which helps associations to form partnerships, strengthen governance and member services, and to become better advocates for their library community. Training and activities are customised to the objectives of library associations, and for different cultural, political, technological and social conditions.

Building Strong Library Associations Impact Report 2012

BSLA Impact Report 2012IFLA measures the difference its programmes make using impact evaluation. This methodology considers the change that the programme has effected on individuals, associations and library communities. The impact evaluation process involves the clear identification of the goals and objectives for each programme, with evidence collected to measure the extent to which those goals and objectives are achieved.

This report presents preliminary programme impact following the conclusion of project activities and in-country evaluation meetings and interviews in mid-2012.

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Country projects

Six associations participated in the initial two-year country projects (2010-2012) and were paired with library association experts (core trainers) who traveled to their assigned country several times to deliver workshops and activities. Each association participating in the programme has achieved membership growth, strengthened partnerships, and advocated on behalf of the profession. They have partnered with Ministries of Arts and Culture to improve funding for public libraries, worked with municipal governments to provide advice on new regional libraries, shared their experiences with other countries, and strengthened their skills in running associations.

BSLA has the potential to make real positive changes for library associations and the libraries all over the world.
Winnie Vitzansky (Denmark), Core Trainer Botswana


The IFLA Action for Development through Libraries Programme (IFLA ALP) works in collaboration with libraries, library associations, partner organisations and library professionals in developing and emerging countries to foster equitable access to information and better library communities.

IFLA ALP delivers community-led change through its training programmes, online learning activities, and access to IFLA’s international network. IFLA ALP is based on a platform of policies and standards developed and endorsed by IFLA at the international level, and local priorities at the grassroots level. IFLA ALP delivers the Building Strong Library Associations (BSLA) programme.

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